Aluminum Drive Rivets



Aluminum Drive Rivets


Product Features and Benefits
All Drive Rivets are just as easy to install, regardless of size or style – just insert in hole and drive pin flush to top of rivet with hammer or pneumatic tool. Pin forces prongs of rivet to flare out below or within fastened materials, creating a strong grip. Leaves a clean non-snagging head when fully installed.

  • Pull-up action, built into the rivet design, clinches fastened materials together as rivet is attached
  • Grip capabilities range from 1.2 mm (.047") to 36.1 mm (1.421") thick
  • Available in six different diameters and numerous lengths to provide the appropriate dimensions for a wide variety of material and dimensional requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel materials provide excellent long-term performance, even in outdoor applications
  • Tamper-resistant/tamper-evident designs resist being driven through or drilled out

Available Options

  • Long-shaft part numbers designated for masonry use
  • Trailer liner style designed for quick replacement of plywood trailer linings

Industry Applications

  • Automotive, Trucks
  • Construction Equipment, Off-Highway Vehicles, Farm Equipment
  • Marine
  • Others