Gesipa Rivets

GESIPA is a Global Manufacturer of Blind Rivets and Rivet Installation Tools


GESIPA’s Mega-Grip is a high strength multigrip structural blind rivet. The flush-break mechanically locked mandrel core improves weather resistance and provides higher shear strength. During setting the rivet body expands within the application material to provide complete hole-fill for tighter joints. Mega-Grips are offered in three head styles: Dome, Large Flange and Countersunk. Material choices include Aluminum and Steel.

GESIPA’s Bulb-tites are the original high-strength structural tri-folding blind rivets. The comprehensive Bulb-tite product line includes 10 unique series, offering a broad range of diameters, head styles and material choices.

GESIPA’s PolyGrip rivets feature a wide grip range enabling a single Polygrip to replace up to 3 lengths of standard blind rivets. The PolyGrip’s hole-filling rivet body expands within the application material for better joint integrity. The large blind-side closing head with locked mandrel core provides better support and improved sealing for weather resistance. Polygrips are available in three head styles. Material choices include Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel.

GESIPA Dome Peel rivets split into four legs providing a large blind side bearing head for improved support in brittle, soft or ductile materials.


GESIPA Tri-fold rivets form three folded legs that distribute the fastener's clamp-load over a larger blind side head formation. The larger blind side offers increased pull-through resistance in soft and ductile material applications. Tri-fold rivets are used in automotive applications such as plastic body panels, trim, and interior components.

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